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Nationals Parks
The protection of Costa Rica's natural heritage is managed by the respective national parks and reserves. These areas protect many species of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, fresh and salt water fish, and a vast number of identified vascular plants-representing 4% of the world's total floral and faunal species.

In addition, these management groups protect examples of almost all the existing natural habitats such as deciduous forests, mangrove swamps, rain forests, herbaceous swamps, cloud forests, paramos, hilillo forests and marshlands. They also protect areas of historical and archaeological interest, such as pre-Columbian settlements and early battlefields, as well as beautiful areas of scenic interest, such as beaches, valleys and waterfalls. But above all, the areas of particular interest to the conservationist are the zones which protect the last remaining examples of Central American dry forest and the beaches where the sea turtles nest.

Costa Rica National Parks reserves
The Costa Rica Tourist Board (ICT), as the entity in charge of tourist activities, has assumed the task of seeing that tourism directly contributes to conservation. To achieve this goal, ICT cooperates with other State institutions such as the Ministry of Natural Resources, Energy and Mines (MIRENEM)-whose National Parks Service manages 20 national parks, 8 biological reserves and a national monument. In addition, the Forestry Service has responsibility for 27 protected areas and 9 forest reserves while the Wildlife Office manages 9 wildlife refuges. The 74 units, covering an area 1,154,945 hectares, represent 25% of the national territory (as of August, 1993), which means that Costa Rica has a larger percentage of its total area set aside in parks and preserves than any other country on Earth.

The protection of Costa Rica's natural resources has implications beyond its borders because they encompass an incredible biodiversity, including numerous species on the verge of extinction. All of this is the reason the country has become one of the most popular destinations for visiting ecologists and biologists.

On the whole, access to these areas and facilities are freely available provided the visitor respects the need to protect them. These protected areas are ideal for hiking and rafting, for watching the birds and other wildlife, for camping and just for enjoying in general, their rivers, beaches, jungles, mountain forests, volcanoes as well as their historic and archaeological sites.

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Area de Conservaci�n Guanacaste Area de Conservaci�n Guanacaste
El �rea de Conservaci�n Guanacaste est� compuesta por las anteriormente decretadas categor�as de manejo de Parques Nacionales: Santa Rosa, Guanacaste y Rinc�n de la Vieja; adem�s, de la Estaci�n Experimental Forestal Horizontes y el Refugio de Vida Silvest ...
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Cabo Blanco National Park Cabo Blanco National Park
Travel information on hotels, tours and vacation services in Cabo Blanco National Park, its surrounding beaches, Montezuma & MalPais in Costa Rica.
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Corcovado National Park Corcovado National Park
The Corcovado Foundation is a non profit organization dedicated to the conservation of the natural resources in the Osa Peninsula, specially in government protected areas such as Corcovado and Piedras Blancas National Park, Golfo Dulce Forestry Reserve, Ca ...
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Costa Rica Rainforest Costa Rica Rainforest
In the foothills and lowlands of both slopes, Costa Rica's rainforests harbor thousands of known life forms and thousands more yet to be described. They are among the last strongholds of biodiversity on earth. Resonating with the songs of birds, at dawn. t ...
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Junquillal Beach, Costa Rica Junquillal Beach, Costa Rica is the most complete guide for a relaxed vacations at Playa Junquillal in Costa Rica.
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Manuel Antonio National Park Manuel Antonio National Park
Luxury tours in Costa Rica Manuel Antonio Quepos. Exceptional tours to a part of the world that has hardly been discovered.
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San Lucas Island wildlife Refuge San Lucas Island wildlife Refuge
San Lucas Island has held a fascination for people for many years.

The indigenous people used the island as a burial place from around 1,500-800 BC., and jade, gold stone and clay pieces have been discovered.

The island contin ...
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Selvatura Selvatura
Welcome to Monteverde Costa Rica - Selvatura Park (canopy trail Costa Rica specialists) is a conservation project located in the famous area of Monteverde Costa Rica where a wide variety of Costa Rica Tours are hosted: Canopy Tours, Treetop Walkways, Butte ...
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