Costa Rican Beaches

It's no coincidence that Costa Rica means Rich Coast in Spanish. Mother Nature has endowed the country with a virtual treasure trove of beaches, each one of which has its own special charms. Those coastal jewels range from sheltered coves where a crescent of white sand separates the verdure of the rainforest from the oceans aquamarine waters, to long beaches washed by frothy surf and lined with lanky coconut palms.

Within that variety and natural exuberance are the ingredients needed to fulfill every traveler's tropical fantasy.

Costa Rica Beaches
Countless stretches of sun-swathed sand await you on Costa Rica's 762 miles of sinuous coastline, spread between the Pacific and Caribbean. Most of those beaches are backed by forests that contain a myriad of rare flora and fauna, while submerged off some lie such marine wonders and intricate coral formations and kaleidoscopes of brightly colored tropical fish. And in addition to their own attractions, many of those beaches can serve as your base for such varied activities as white water river rafting, horseback riding, deep sea fishing, skin diving and other outdoor adventures.

Perhaps more important, Costa Rica's beaches provide the prefect conditions for doing absolutely nothing, which is an essential part of any vacation. Such natural attributes as soft ocean breezes, impeccable blue skies, rustling palm fronds, warm sand and the rhythmic crashing of the surf combine with amenities like cool beverages, tropical music, fresh fruit and an abundance of seafood, elevating leisure to the level of a science.

The nation's tradition of hospitality is complemented by a modern transportation system and a cornucopia of coastal accommodations to ensure comfortable beach vacations for all. Costa Rica's beach selection is simply mind boggling, certainly more than you could visit in several vacations.

Costa Rica is an absolute paradise in matters of beaches. The coastline has a length of over 1800 km with a never-ending variety of beaches for any possible taste. There are rocky and stony beaches, sandy beaches with white, gray, bluish black, tan, and pink colored sand. From the Pacific to the Caribbean, Costa Rica offers an almost infinite number of beaches for tourist enjoyment. Come to surf, swim, snorkel, scuba dive, or just relax in the warm, tropical sun.

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You can swim in Costa Rican waters all year round, the sea temperatures are always warm.

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