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Written by Milena Wilson   
Friday, 23 November 2012

This city is the heart of our beautiful country, inhabited by historical buildings, museums and a world-class theater. The walls of these buildings have many stories to tell and its doors are open daily to visitors who want to learn more about these interesting buildings.

A total of 22 important sites of San Jos´┐Ż were portrayed by 88 photographers, including professionals and amateurs, who participated in the event organized by the Central Bank Museum as part of the exhibition Architecture in Costa Rican Numismatics.

Participants spent one Sunday in September to capture the best angle of specific buildings, which were assigned randomly. Despite belonging to different eras and represent different architectural languages, these buildings have in common that all of them have appeared on coins, banknotes and medals used in Costa Rica once.

The jury selected a photograph for each building and the winning images will be posted on October 27th on a map of San Jose in the exhibition, next to the old image of the building shown in the notes. Some of the important aspects to select the winner images are the representativeness of the architectural structure, identification with the original image and the clarity with the original spatial location of the building. Other technical aspects are also evaluated. To observe these magnificent works visit the direction

This is a great way to learn more about the history of the country and its capital city.

Information taken from La Nacion

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