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Written by Patrick Cornwell   
Tuesday, 13 November 2012

There are some things that you just have to do if you are visiting Costa Rica in order to get the full experience of this fascinating country. Some of these experiences are: �visit parks, museums, volcanoes and beaches but also you must eat the food for what this country is famous for. In fact, you cannot say you have had a Costa Rican experience unless you have tried the following dishes:

Gallo Pinto: is what ticos eat every day, especially at breakfast time. This is fried rice, mixed with onions, peppers, black beans and garlic. Most consider the Gallo Pinto as a national symbol because it is prepared and eaten by the country's population.� The gallo pinto is usually served with eggs, sweet plantain and bread.

Casado: This is one of the favorites. The Casado is an authentic Costa Rican meal for lunch. Served with rice and beans combined with chicken, beef, pork or fish, vegetables or salad and fried plantains are a must.

Arroz con pollo: Arroz con pollo refers to the term "Rice with Chicken" in Spanish. And it is a classic dish of Costa Rica and Latin America countries. This dish is commonly served in "family parties" with roasted potatoes and ketchup.

Tamales: Tamales are undoubtedly a meal completely different from what you may be used to try. The Tamales require lot of work and are prepared particularly in Christmas time where families gather together to cook them. This dish is not normally found on the restaurants� menu. The tamales made of corn mixed with potatoes and pieces of carrot, sweet pepper and chicken or pork cooked and served on a banana leaf.

Olla de Carne:� Another thing you have to try is the Olla de Carne. This traditional soup is the combination of various vegetables, cooked with meat. It is usually served in two different plates, one plate with vegetables, the soup and meat and one plate with rice.

About the drinks

If you are in Costa Rica, you should definitely ask for a natural drink. Some examples of these drinks are of pineapple, blackberry, watermelon, melon, papaya, mango and mixed fruits. Shakes: You can find also some smoothies made with water or milk. A traditional drink is also the horchata; made from corn flour and cinnamon, and it is delicious.

Anyone want dessert?

As sweet snacks we have presti�os, coconut candies and the delicious rice pudding among others.

Costa Rican cuisine is the result of our indigenous heritage and influence of the colonizers. Every recipe is always made with love in this country that is what is so appetizing and delicious. Do not forget to try all or some of these dishes in your next Costa Rica trip.

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