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Let's face it, most people, unless they are skiers, hikers, or mountain climbers don't enjoy winter. In fact, when asked "what would you do if you won the lottery", the most common response given by most people is "move to a tropical island". Certainly, 100% of us would want to improve their quality of life, and usually that means getting back to nature, and spending more time doing the things we really love.

Costa RicaIn order to do this we need a climate that cooperates. So is it any wonder why most American retirees look to Florida, Arizona, or Las Vegas to improve their lifestyle? Unfortunately, owning that dream home in these locations is getting more and more expensive and elusive to find, as more and more people look to shed the tiresome constraints of traffic, crowds, and harsh seasons. Costa Rica, with its warm tropical climate, beautiful Pacific and Atlantic coast beaches, unspoiled rainforests and national parks, and more temperate mountainous regions bathed by virgin streams and rivers offers an ideal setting for the person who wants to live their dream.

Practically speaking it's safe, the people are friendly, and it's easy to get to. Costa Rica is a democratic republic. It has never seen the political unrest, class struggles, or revolutions commonly associated with other Latin American Countries. Costa Rica doesn't have or need and army because it is such a peaceful country it has no enemies foreign or from within.

Costa Rica is also safe in another way. It is a country where it's safe to own land, even if you are not a citizen. Costa Rica's constitution guaranties that every person, citizen or not, has the right to own land. Property in Costa Rica is surveyed and registered in its national registry showing its physical description and chain of title thereby allowing a would-be buyer to ascertain what type of property it is and who owns it. Any buyer is therefore fully aware of what it is they are buying and can purchase title insurance from a US title insurance company for further security.

Costa RicaCosta Rica's number one industry is tourism. Not only does this show it's a well sought destination with lots to do, its citizens are happy and grateful to be hosts, Uniquely, Costa Rican's want and welcome tourists and foreigners in their country and are always friendly and smiling in transactions, dealings and social settings with someone visiting. Listing all the activities available in Costa Rica would be to long. From snorkeling in its clean warm waters, bathing in a tropical lagoon beneath a waterfall, to golf, white water kayaking, or observing its abundance or rare animal bird or plant life, Costa Rica offers a quality of life unparalleled in the Western Hemisphere.
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Costa Rica Country Details

Costa Rica Flag Official name:
República de Costa Rica
Official language: Spanish
Capital: San José
Independence Date: September 15, 1821 (from Spain)
President: Oscar Arias Sánchez
Area: 51,100 km�
Percentage of water: 0.7%
Population: 4.13 million
Density: 80.66/km�
Currency: Colón (CRC)
Time zone: UTC -6
Internet TLD: .cr
Calling Code: 506

Did you know?

It has been calculated that Costa Rica holds 5% of the planet�s biodiversity in only 51.100 km2.

Costa Rica Biodiversity

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Metallic Building, Central Valley
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