Costa Rica Incentive Travel
Costa Rica offers services for this type of segment, even when it does not have an ample Convention Center, it does offer different options in several Hotels in and outside the capital for your meetings, seminars, and conventions, and it has experimented tour operators and professionals that help meet the needs of this market and that will develop a customized program for you.
Incentive travel to Costa Rica has become a prime choice for many international companies.
Competitive prices? Yes.
Better than average package rates? Yes.

In Costa Rica there is so much to do in such a small geographical area. The air access is excellent and one of the best in the Caribbean. There is a great deal of ecotourism and adventure tours and the weather is almost perfect.

A vacation in Costa Rica is almost unforgettable. Sunset strolls on white sand beaches, snorkeling in warm, tropical waters gazing at angel fish and striking coral formations, and hiking on stunning wooded trails are just a few of the activities available to visitors.

Many a traveler has become enamored of not only the people and the natural surroundings but with the wildlife. White - faced monkeys tittering on lofty branches, brilliantly plumed birds and smiling sloths are quite capable of stealing anyone's heart.

Costa Ricans, or Ticos, are known for their incredibly warm hospitality and ability to pamper their guests. Authentic typical meals, international fare and first - class service are all available for the award - winning employee. The hardest working employees will enjoy their leisure time to the fullest when visiting this jewel of a country. Adventure and new experiences await them and will have them returning to work with a re- energized attitude.

True, there are many exotic destinations to choose from in this vast world. But for a unique, safe, and thoroughly satisfyingly adventurous vacation for the top employees in any company, the choice of Costa Rica regions supreme!

For detailed information about Costa Rica Meetings and Incentives, please visit the website of the Costa Rica DMC

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Did you know?

One of Costa Rica's greatest attractions is its great variety of beautiful white-sand, crystal clear water beaches, which are visited by thousands of people each year, in search of fun and places of recreation offered by its coasts for the enjoyment of the sun and waves, a perfect place to relax and escape from the stress of every-day life.
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