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Written by Milena Wilson   
Friday, 21 September 2012

Every year on the beautiful Costa Rica some activities sports are organized, among them is the race to Tamarindo. The ability to exercise, and to run all over the most visited coastal areas of Costa Rica, caused this Marathon people getting so exited. The marathon will be held on Saturday September 22 off the coast of Guanacaste.

According to Victor Lopez, president of Tamarindo Beach Marathon, the organization that organizes the race, the interest it shows in the fact that in 2007, when the first edition took place, there were 200 participants, now is over 3500 participants. "The race is approved by AIMS, the international organization that certifies that competition adds the 42,195 miles of the marathon," he added.

What should be taken into account for this race? Pay attention:

Climate: Being in Tamarindo moisture is higher than many are used to in San Jose, but not to worry and that the departures time to prevent sun burn us. "The climate is cool at that time, we will also have moisturizing and water every two miles," said Lopez. In San Jose, these days the humidity is 77%, and is expected to Tamarindo is 85% for the day of the race, while the temperature would be 23 �C approximately. "We chose the long distances by temperature, we expect that as at 7:30 a. m., when the first end of the marathon, the temperature could be 22 degrees, but then reaches a maximum of 29 at about 10:30. m. "said Lopez.

Hydration: This issue is so important that Lopez should undergo a "hydration program" the day before the race and arrive at least noon on Friday to acclimate the body to the place. To ensure that athletes with higher mileage have no problems with thirst, Global Sport ATV use four to bring water, Gatorade, serum and energy gels, which serve as "fuel" in the tests.

This sixth edition will have five Kenyans and an American as their favorite competitors. Competition will have distances of five, 10, 21, 30 and 42 km, starts at 5 a. m. Paula Lopez, in charge of marketing and Global Sport protocol, a company that organizes the race, said they were brought because most contact on the run "by the internationally renowned as having some we call them" "The criteria to get them are to have a good time with competitive level and also serve as a warm-up to national athletes." Lopez added that Kenyans come from Mexico, where they reside, and Cabada Denver.

We most mention that this grown city has many stores, hotels and restaurants for dining options are superb and plentiful, perfect for sampling the true flavors of Costa Rica. Through this marathon this weekend we will enjoy a more attractive and popular Tamarindo at its highest, bringing joy and color to its beautiful beaches.
Information taken from La Nacion

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