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Costa Rica already has quite a reputation among surfers, who are drawn there from near and far by the quality and consistency of its waves. Though the country gets plenty of the big waves, that true surf fanatics live for, there are also days and spots that are perfect for people who have little experience with the sport, or who have been away from the ocean for a long time, and would like to try it again. This means that whether you're a veteran wave ripper or a belly-boarding beginner, you can usually find the conditions you need to have a great time.

With 755 miles of coastline on two oceans, Costa Rica has more breaks than you can shake a stick at. The country's selection of surf spots range from idyllic beach breaks to coral platforms where the water leaps up and tubes like a miniature Pipeline. Having coastline on two oceans is quite an advantage, since when one ocean is flat, there is usually something breaking on the other side of the country. Often enough, there is good surf pumping on both coasts.

Since it is five times longer than the Caribbean coast, the Pacific has considerably more surfing spots. Many of the country's best breaks are found in the Northwest province of Guanacaste, but there are also some excellent spots in the Central Pacific and Southern Zones. And the few breaks that are available in the Caribbean province of Limon are certainly nothing to complain about. The following is a listing of the country's best surf spots:

North Pacific: Guanacaste Potrero Grande: Right point break in Santa Rosa National Park, only accessible by boat; no camping. Playa Naranjo: Great beach break by Witch's Rock, in Santa Rosa National Park, accessible with four-wheel-drive vehicle or boat; camping permitted. Playa Grande: Very consistent beach break north of Tamarindo. Tamarindo: Good beach break, excellent base for surfing nearby beaches. Playa Langosta: River mouth break south of Tamarindo. Avellanas: Very good beach break further to the south. Playa Negra: Right point break further to the south. Nosara: Several Beach breaks near selection of accommodations.

Central Pacific: Boca Barranca: Long river mouth left just south of Puntarenas. Tivives: Beach breaks and river-mouth left, south of Puntarenas. Jaco: Popular beach break with abundance of hotels and restaurants. Hermosa: Several very consistent beach breaks south of Jaco. Manuel Antonio: Beach breaks near plentiful accommodations. Dominical: Great beach breaks near hotels and restaurants. Matapalo: Right point break at tip of Osa Peninsula. Pavones: Very long left at mouth of Golfo Dulce.

Caribbean: Playa Bonita: Left over reef off popular beach just north of Limon City. Cahuita: Beach break on Black Beach, near hotels and restaurants. Puerto Viejo: Fast right over coral reef, plenty of hotels and restaurants. Cocles: Beach break just south of Puerto Viejo. Manzanillo: Beach break, only when big, some accommodations nearby.

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Costa Rica Surf

Billabong ISA World Surfing Games Costa Rica 2009 in Playa Hermosa, Jaco

During the fifth day of competition of the Billabong ISA World Surfing Games Costa Rica 2009 in Playa Hermosa, Jaco; where the representation of the longboarders Diego Naranjo and Anthony Flores (substituting Cristian Santamaria, injured), gets the ticos within the five best countries and a big chance of obtaining a medal if our Opens get through the rest of the days.

Costa Rica woke up third in the ranking, thanks to the conservation of three Open surfers, who add more points in the teams ranking. Only Autralia, United States and Costa Rica have more than two surfers alive in the maxim category of a World Surf championship.

It�s expected more from Anthony Flores, who survived to the second round of the repechaje. This because of the highest level demonstrated on the waves in podium 2.

About the participation of Diego Naranjo, it wasn�t his best performance in representation of the country, due to the disqualification of the competition in the second round of the repechaje, helped mostly by an interference given to Peruvian Tamil Martino in a right wave that Diego took from the left.

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Costa Rica Surf
Why a 16 year-old adolescent, National Champion on his first participation in a World Open and stealing the show based on tricks that are well paid actually invites the Costa Rican to gamble in the sport that brought a World Championship in Costa Rica.

During the fourth day of competition in Playa Hermosa, Jaco, Costa Rica, the emotion got to the highest point when one of the people�s pampers; Carlos Mu�oz won the ovation when surpassed his performances of the previous hits of the first three days.

After a reunion with his surfing, the local from Esterillos, showed his lethal weapon when left behind surfers from Peru, South Africa, Panama and France. Mu�oz is between the 16 surfers that will struggle for two spots in the main event in the finals of the Open category.

His atypical reactions came when there was interference in each of the series he participated in. However, here was where he won the applause, not only of the national public but from all people gathered at the beach, when he made the leadership of the series, even with a penalization of his second best wave of each hit.

�I think that I�ve been lucky, but very happy to get the victory, I never do this, I felt a little bit sad, but still I didn�t give up and I gave left everything there to pass to the next round�, Said Carlos Mu�oz once he got out of the water.

It was key day for the participation of all teams in this championship. All national teams lost athletes during the competition of the conclusion of the repechaje rounds number 4 and 5, Open and Women. In other words, each of the categories has 32 athletes left. In Open there were 128 and Women 64.

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Costa Rica Surf
Costa Rica will host the most important surfing event in the world. 80 million people around the globe will observe the action of the best surfers of the world live in four languages. The World Championship, sponsored by Billabong will be held in Playa Hermosa, Jaco from July 31 to August 9, 2009.

International Surfing Association (ISA)The Billabong World Surfing Games (WSG) is in charged of the International Surfing Association (ISA). It is waiting to hold the most participated championship in the history with the participation of 40 countries. This is the most important achievement that the Costa Rican Surfing Federation (FSC) has accomplished in an organized level and thanks to the members of the institution when nominated Costa Rica for the 2009 championship, headed by Jose Ure�a.

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Costa Rica Surf
By Gamma George

On the northwest corner of Costa Rica there are two world-class surfing sites, which isolated and enigmatics, stand apart as an inescapable challenge for all those who are anxious to release adrenaline by climbing on the waves.

Those places, called Witch's Rock and 0llie's Point, in the waters surrounding the Santa Rosa National Park in Guanacaste, can only be reached by the sea, usually with Playas del Coco as its base station.

Surfing in Playa del Coco
Surfing in Playa del Coco
Both places have been the setting for famous movies and multiple documentaries and this was the site recently chosen by Tavik, for a photo shoot for its next campaign.

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Costa Rica Surf

The tournament will be held about the middle of 2009 with surfers from at least 40 nations

The beach that has been chosen is Playa Hermosa, in Jac�. The estimated income is $ 1 million

International Surf Association (ISACosta Rica was chosen this Friday to be the venue and the organizer of the Surf World Competition Open category (major) for the next year, as it has been confirmed by the International Surf Association (ISA).

Costa Rica has won over nations such as Brazil and South Africa, two surf planetary powers.

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Corcovado National Park has the rainforest with the largest variety of flora and fauna in Costa Rica.

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