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Territorial Extension: 51.100 Km2

Capital: San Jos�

Population: 4.159.758 habitants

Population by Sex: Men 2.112.985 (50.79%) and Women 2.046.773 (49.20)

Time zone: EST-1/GMT-6

Country Code: (506)

Boundaries: North-Nicaragua, Southeast-Panama, west-Pacific Ocean, and east-Atlantic Ocean.

Annual growth rate: 1.48%.

Number of foreign arrivals: Nearly 2.0 million.

Ethnic groups: European and some mestizo 94%, African origin 3%, Chinese 1%, indigenous 1%, other 1%.

Costa Rica in facts
Costa Rica
The indigenous population today numbers about 29,000 or less than 1% of the population. Descendants of 19th century Jamaican immigrant workers constitute an English speaking minority and at 3% of the population number about 96,000. An important and growing ethnic group in Costa Rica are Nicaraguans who represent 10% of the population. Most of these Nicaraguans are refugees from the Sandinista regime that existed in Nicaragua, and today work as manual laborers. Racism against the Nicaraguans is common, and their position in society has been compared to the Mexican situation in the United States.

Religion: Roman Catholic 76.3%, Protestant approx. 15.7%, others 4.8%, none 3.2%.

Languages: Spanish, with a southwestern Caribbean Creole dialect of English spoken around the Limon area.

Education: Years compulsory:9. Attendance: 99% grades 1-6, 71% grades 7-9. Literacy:96%.

Health: Infant mortality rate 9.95/1,000. Life expectancy 76.1 years.

Work force (2004 est., 1.81 million): Services:71.3%; agriculture:14.6%; industry:14%.

GDP: $18.4 billion.

GDP PPP: $37.97 billion.

Inflation: 14%.

Real growth rate: 3.9%.

Per capita income: $4,670. (PPP $9,600-2004 est.)

Unemployment: 6.0%.

Currency: Costa Rica Colon (CRC).

Natural resources: Hydroelectric power, forest products, fisheries products.

Maximum Length: 464 Km from the Sapoa river to the Burica end.

Minimum Length: 119 Km from Tuba ip to the Boca del Colorado.

Maximum Width: 259 km from the cabo Santa Elena to the mouth of the Colorado River.

Highest Mountain: Chirripo mountain (height 3.820 m above sea level).

Widest Crater: Poas Volcano (one of the greatest craters of the world, 1 Km in diameter).

National Flower: Mulberry Guaria (Guarianthe skinneri).

National Tree: Guanacaste (Enterolobium cyclocarpurri).

National Bird: Yiguirro (tardus grayil).

Climate: Tropical with two seasons during the year, dry (December-April) and rainy (rest of the year).

Agriculture (8.5% of GDP): Products bananas, coffee, beef, sugarcane, rice, dairy products, vegetables, fruits and ornamental plants.

Industry (29.7% of GDP): Types electronic components, food processing, textiles and apparel, construction materials, cement, fertilizer.

Telecommunications: Internet, fax, cable television and international phone services are available throughout the country. For international operator assisted calls dial 116. The country code is 506.

Exit fees: Locals and tourists are required to pay a $26 U.S. dollars fee on all international flights.

Other taxes: There is a 13% sales tax at hotels, restaurants and retail stores. Restaurants charge a 10% service tax that is distributed among employees as a tip. Lodging facilities must also collect a 3% tourism tax.

Commerce and tourism (61.8% of GDP): Hotels, restaurants, tourist services, banks, and insurance.

Business hours: Government offices open at 8:00 a.m. and close at 4:00 p.m. Private banks, retail stores and other businesses may close at 6:00p.m. or 8:00p.m. depending on their location.

Trade: Exports $6.18 billion: Integrated circuits, bananas, pineapples, optical/medical equipment, knit and woven apparel, coffee, fish and seafood. Major markets U.S. 44.1%, Europe 21%, Central America 9%. Imports-$7.84 billion: electronic components, machinery, vehicles, consumer goods, raw materials, chemicals, petroleum products, foods, and fertilizer. Major suppliers U.S. 45.9%, Europe 10%, Mexico 3.7% Central America 5%, Japan 4.8%, Venezuela 4%.

Administrative division: 7 provinces, 81 cantons and 463 districts.


Territorial Extension
San Jos�
4.959.63 Km2
2.656.27 Km2
10.140.71 Km2
9.188.52 Km2
9.753.23 Km2
3.124.67 Km2
11.276.97 Km2
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