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An underground cultural center Offers five different exhibitions including the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, one of the few of its kind, containing a large collection of gold objects, reflection of the world vision, social structure and metallurgy of Costa Rica's pre-Columbian society.

You can also visit the Numismatics Museum and enjoy its extraordinary collection of bills, coins, coffee tickets, mints, as well as other documents and pictures. Three temporary exhibition galleries offer visitors the additional opportunity to experience the visual arts, archaeology and history of Costa Rica.

Museum of Pre-Columbian Gold

Museum of Pre-Columbian GoldOne of the few gold museums of the world. Owns around 1000 pre-Columbian pieces in exhibition dating back to the year 300 to 1500 DC.

The pre-Columbian Gold Museum has on extraordinary collection of objects example of the goldsmith techniques dominated by the pre-Columbian peoples of the territory that is currently Costa Rica, the use and function of these pieces, as well as their relation with nature and everyday life of these human groups.

It's divided in two levels:
  1. Introductory area, interpreting the socio-cultural evolution of these pre-Columbian cultures. In this space development of metallurgy in Costa Rica is proposed, its stages and styles.
  2. Exhibition of gold pieces. In this section you can op-predate the different uses and meanings of the gold objects. There is on introductory video shown before the collection.

Numismatics Museum

The most valuable coins, bills, mints, coffee and banana tickets' collection of the Central Bank are shown in the exhibition "From the Real to the Col�n: History of Costa Rican Coins". At this exhibit it's possible to learn of the evolution of the different exchange means in Costa Rica since the year 1502 until present times, in a very dynamic way. The tour begins with a video and on explanation about money.

Numismatics MuseumThe exhibition presents colonial coins, the emission of coins in Costa Rica, as well as foreign currency circulating in the country, the use of coffee and banana tickets on plantation farms starting in the XIX century and the emission of bills by different banks, until the consolidation of the Central Bank.

Temporary Exhibitions Room

Is a space offering a dynamic program for visual arts expositions, ethnology and history. Well known works of art by renowned artists are regularly displayed, national and international, as well as didactic and interactive expositions about different art techniques. Each one of the exhibitions on display is based on exhaustive investigation, whose results are compiled in books or catalogues.

FEES 2009-2010

Foreigners $8 Foreign students with identification $5


Children under 12 years of age
Tourism Guides with identification

Guided Visits:

Cost: $50 per group (I - 15 persons maximum)

Rental of Physical Space :

Auditory: 75 persons: $250
Use of exterior and interior halls: $750
Exterior hall with access to Pre-Columbian Gold Museum: $1.000
Exterior hall with access to Temporary Exhibitions room, Pre-Columbian Gold Museum and Numismatics Museum: $1.500 * For groups from 50 to 150 persons.


Monday through. Sunday, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 pm.
Telephone N�: (506) 2243-4214 / (506) 2243-4202 Fax: (506) 2243-4220
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