Costa Rica Cultural Heritage
A country with high standards for education, Costa Rica has not neglected its arts. Progressive in thinking, Costa Rica has opened its ways to Western culture. Art, music, theater, and dance, flourish in the main cities, with its countryside citizens catching up. One of the most promising of the arts, The National Symphony orchestra has gained worldwide attention since the 1970's. The orchestra performs in the beautiful National Theater to enthusiastic reviews.

In addition to enjoying classical music, Costa Ricans love to dance. Many of their musical influences for dancing derive from Pre-Columbian, African, Afro-Caribbean, and other South and Central American music. Ticans like to get together often to dance either in discos or among themselves. Folk Dancing too, is well enjoyed and supported. Exciting, lively, and boisterous, in bright, frilly, costumes, folk dancers enthrall their audiences. Visitors and natives alike enjoy watching and participating in traditional dance.

Audiences are entertained by theater productions, as well. Passionate about their theater, Costa Rica keeps its dramatic arts successful. Little dramas or comedies, from puppet shows to larger productions, flourish everywhere in San Jos�. It is said that per capita, Costa Rica has more theater companies than elsewhere worldwide.

The beautiful San Jos� Museum of Art houses many unrivaled works by local artists. Newly financed and encouraged, fine art and crafts enjoy a new birth. In addition to fine arts, artisans are beginning to research their roots and are recreating crafts once lost. A discussion about Costa Rican culture is not complete without informing visitors about food and eating. Costa Ricans enjoy fine dining in many restaurants throughout the countryside. San Jos� boasts a number of elegant eateries matching any fine restaurant in the world.

Restaurants are not all there is worth mentioning when it comes to dining. Their food stands apart. With so much ideal weather and fertile land for crops, Costa Rican produce is fresher than fresh � it is perfect! A new resident or tourist will recognize some of the fruit in supermarkets and on menus. Bananas, mangoes, cashews, pineapples, melons, and strawberries, are common in most markets.

Other delectables native to the region such as, guayabas, tamarindo, and carambolas, might be surprising in shape, as they might have spines, or look like sea urchins, but are really fruit. Always delicious, Costa Rican fruit can be a real adventure for sight, smell, and of course, taste.

When referencing fruit, one need identify fruits of the sea - fish. With two coasts, the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, Costa Ricans eat many varying types of wonderfully fresh fish. Fish can be bought in many markets and supermarkets and is a staple in restaurants and home cooking. Another Costa Rican staple is beef. A cattle-ranching country, their beef is excellent and less expensive than chicken and pork. In fact, beef is one of Costa Rica's exports, making its way to markets worldwide.

A discussion about Costa Rican food and global markets would not be complete without pointing to coffee. For a long time, coffee was Costa Rica's primary export and one of its most central industries. Among the finest in the world, it continues to be a highly sought after product as it remains the choice of many. Costa Rica means rich coast. Yes, it is a rich, well-lived, modern, lifestyle. Mostly, however, it is rich in exquisite paradisiacal pleasure.

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It has been calculated that Costa Rica holds 5% of the planet�s biodiversity in only 51.100 km2.

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