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Why do people make souvenirs? As an artisan I begin a project with an idea about something that I want to create. My medium is melted glass. I also work with cow bone, coconut, and any other natural material that inspires me.My original idea was to use trash glass to create artwork. I would help the environment and the cost of my primary material would be free or close to it.

Costa Rica Souvenir
Costa Rica Souvenir
Tools, however, are not free and can cost a lot depending on quality and kind. Power is also an issue. I have an electric kiln and the meter spins rapidly when it is on. Also, I think about what will sell. I have made very unique mobiles one had planets with a face and hands below it. I had hoped the face would warrant a spiritual title but melted glass is unpredictable and the final results seemed humorous so I called it �The Juggler� and it sold in an art store in San Jos�. I also have flattened thousands of beer bottles and put the Imperial label on them for hanging on the wall. I figure, it aint art, but it is a great souvenir!

Why do people buy souvenirs? The definition of a souvenir is something kept or serving as a reminder of a place, person, or occasion: a keepsake or memento. Because the bottom line of any business is economic gain, many of the articles sold here are NOT FROM Costa Rica. The most authentic Costa Rican souvenirs should be made in Costa Rica by Costa Ricans. But artists and artisans from around the world have come to live in and be inspired by Costa Rica so that their products are also authentically Costa Rican. Many of the items that are inexpensively priced are made in Indonesia but might have Costa Rica written on it. Would you travel to Indonesia to buy something made in Costa Rica?

I know that tourists watch their expenditures and complain about high prices in Costa Rica. I would remind them that we can not apologize for our prices because life here is more expensive and so are tools and supplies and permits for shops, taxes, insurance, employees, etc. If you do not like the price you can always ask for a discount within reason. If the seller says no, well, then he probably is trying to pay his bills. The process of creation and acquisition are related. Buying an article supports the artisan. In Costa Rica whom do you chose to support?

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