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Remember the imposing lush green shot in the first scene of the Jurassic Park movie? Well, this is part of the natural scenario of the film realized in Costa Rica. Once you cross the wooden gates of the Braulio Carrillo National Park, where the Rainforest Aerial tram is, a new world is expecting you: one housing 1,5 million species of animals, including sloths, pumas, monkeys, multicolored poisonous frogs, bullet ants, toucans, serpents and butterflies.

Rainforest Aerial tram Costa RicaYou drive about one kilometer on an all terrain vehicle until you reach the air tram's departure point. Beyond the joy of admiring the natural beauty this place overflows with, there is a singular round, similar to that of crickets; but this one is produced by some insects known as cicadas (chicharras). This noise is produced by males when they gather in big groups; they use it to identify themselves before females, which seem to be plentiful here. During the entire trip they never tease to be heard, as well as the howler monkeys and thousands of birds flying around the place.

The Small Moving Cage

The leaves of trees open up before you when riding the air trams the deeper you go, the louder the forest's sounds. Still, there is no danger, you are protected. This is the best way to plunge into the jungle, away from the perilous predators and poisonous species. The nearest the gondola goes to the ground is 10 meters, in what is known as the understory. Each level has its own kind of light. All of the plants living here are placed in a position that obeys to the characteristic light they need to live.

Rainforest Aerial tram Costa RicaIn the lower areas darkness and silence predominate, along with humidity. Higher up, there are the fruits and animals feeding on them. The sun's light determines the kinds of species living in the understory, which goes from 0 to 3 meters. The next level is the sub-canopy, going from 3 to 8 meters high; on the next level is the canopy, from 10 to 60 meters. The gondola creases all the levels of the jungle. During the journey you see the aerial roots, climbing clown from the sky towards the ground, looking for the earth.

Nature's unique performance: the canopies display orchids, birds' nests, insects, sloths and monkeys. Everything here has a reason; all is neatly ordered; each plant and animal has a reason and space, a single purpose: survival. As for us, our only driving force In feeling lucky to be able to touch, feel, smell and observe one of the richest ecosystems in the world: the forest, from In pristine roots. Underneath the gondola we hear the murmur over ten rivers. Finally you end up thinking "If only 1 could drive myself to work every day like this."
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Costa Rica has devoted more than 25% of its land to national parks and protected areas, ensuring excellent ecotourism and the widest range of adventure options.

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