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I live in the Papagayo Gulf in Costa Rica, this place where my heart feels very close to paradise. In spite of this, I am very passionate about my job, so if I am not careful it consumes me, taking away my spare time and hindering the possibility of fully enjoying the place where I live. Sometimes my job oven manages to take away my inner peace, and without it there is no such thing as paradise... it doesn't matter where you are.To be very stressed is frequent and "normal" when you live in big cities; but living here it just makes no sense.

Sailing in Papagayo Gulf Costa RicaLong ago I discovered a magical antidote to combat stress, and today I want to share it with you. It is very simple and I know you'll love it. The secret :Take a sailboat tour along the Gulf... The healing process begins as soon as my feet walk away from steady land and in direction to the yacht. Since I get to the boats dock, I leave behind a pile of concerns and distractions; unfortunately this load will patiently wait for me to come back but in my return it always seems to be lighter.

My favorite option is My favorite option is to jume in an early morning tour in one of the sailboats of the area, to go border the coast or explore one of the many magical secluded beaches that the Gulf has. Usually dolphins and some fly fish come along with us in this journey; ostentatiously showing their ability of leaving the ocean for long intervals (up to 76 yards at more than 37 miles/hour).

It is also frequent to sight humpback whales or joyfully jumping giant manta rays. Once you get to the beach of your election, you can float in the ocean, snorkel, explore nature or determine yourself to relax; maybe under a sunbath reading this edition of Utopia.There will be no noise, except for the gentle sound of waves and the melodic songs of birds and monkeys; and no pending duties, except to enjoy the barbecue that your hosts will prepare for you. At this point, the least thing you are thinking of is work. Smooth reflections come up to make you realize how fortunate you are just for been able to be there instead a traffic jam in the middle of a city... wearing a light swimsuit, not a suffocating tie and belt.

Another relaxing and fun option is to take an afternoon cruise. Instead of bordering the coastline, you go deep in the sea to wait for the sunset. Recently we enjoyed a memorable experience in the Tricia Anne sailboat, welcomed by friendly host Heather and the boats experienced Captain Sebastian (who is also champion in bull riding) on an special day with the sun sat on the west while a bright and breathtaking full moon appeared on the east.

Sailing in Papagayo Gulf Costa RicaThe big Don Bosco is another of my favorite sailboats, and going out in it use to be an adventure filled with stories to tell and moments to remember where the crews' main objective is to entertain their guests. The already mythical Kuna Vela is another in my list of favorites. Yan, its experienced Captain, has thousands of stories to tell; and the warmth and comfort of their clients is a tradition.

It doesn't matter which option you choose I guarantee you that in the ocean you will find medicine for your soul. I am always impressed to know that the most subtle and simplest moments with nature are capable of filling us with the peace and balance we need to enjoy of this heaven on earth. A ride by the Gulf, along a dose of wind, sun, blue and green; will accomplish what a New Yorker psychoanalyst wouldn't after months in a coach with air conditioning, no sunlight and thousands of dollars spent.

I hope you experience it and agree with me afterwards!
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Columbus actually named Costa Rica (rich coast) under the assumption that the land was filled with precious metals.

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