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The Turubari Tropical Park offers extreme adventure as well as peaceful walks in close contact with nature.

What does the world look like to a bird in flight? This is something that had always intrigued me... And I say had, because a few days ago I was able to live an incredible experience that made me feel as if I were an eagle soaring the skies, for 50 seconds.

Turubari Tropical Park Costa Rica
Sensational Cable (3280 Feet Long)
Too little time? Well, it would have been great if the end had lasted forever, but at a height of 80 meters it was enough to make my heart pound and allow me a bird's eye view of the beautiful landscape. This happened at the Turubari Tropical Park, situated in a 250-hectare farm, in Turrubares, in the province of Alajuela. This park is 90 minutes from downtown San Jose, traveling on a road with colorful scenery.

This is a full-day attraction, though the activities offered are so many that it would be difficult to try them all in one day. However, you can choose those activities most appealing to you, whether adrenaline packed making your heart beat like mad or activities directed at tourists who wish to spend a more relaxing time in contact with nature, fresh air and vegetation.

Maximum Adrenaline

If you find strong emotions appealing, at least 4 surprises await you: the 80 meter high climbing and rappel wall; the sensational cable where you travel lying down at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour; the Tarzan swing that combines bungee jumping with something like swinging from a liana; and the 12 platform seven cable canopy tour.

Turubari Tropical Park Costa Rica
Climbing Wall (260 Feet High)
Of these, the sensational cable deserves particular attention, because it is one of a kind in Costa Rica and allows you to experience the thrill of flying like a bird, plus the fact that you do so hanging from a one kilometer long cable 80 meters above the ground that crosses the canyon of the T�rcoles River. The feeling experienced during those 50 seconds is truly marvelous and, though intimidating at first, all those who dare jump maintain that fear is not something they felt not even for a second, on the contrary, it is the thrill that makes the heart pound.

Something a Little More Relaxing

If you would much rather prefer a relaxing day, where you can enjoy nature without the adrenaline rush, you can walk through the park, take the aerial tramway that passes over the T�rcoles River, visit the orchid garden, butterfly farm, iguana farm and the recently inaugurated crocodile farm, amongst other things.

And best of all, at the end of whatever activity you have chosen you will be able to enjoy a delicious Costa Rican lunch and, of course, a delicious cup of coffee.
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Most of the beaches in Costa Rica are backed by forests that contain a myriad of rare flora and fauna.

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