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Almost literally surrounded by water, Costa Rica is a country that offers its visitors myriad opportunities to explore the oceans in style. Whether arriving on one of the large cruise lines that include Costa Rica on their itinerary, or choosing to travel on one of the domestic cruise ships, more and more people are taking to the high seas in record numbers.

Cruising in Costa RicaThe industry is one of the fastest growing in the tourism sector, and it's easy to see why. The large cruise lines arrive to either Puntarenas or Puerto Caldera on the Pacific or Puerto Lim�n on the Caribbean side. From there, passengers depart for a day's exploration of what Costa Rica has to offer�often enjoying activities such as visits to San Jos� museums, a Coffee tour or a butterfly farm.

Some tourists may choose to participate in several multi-day ecotourism activities, such as spending some time on the canals of Tortuguero National Park, before rejoining their ship on the opposite coast after it has passed through the Panam� Canal. Either way, these short excursions provide perfect opportunity for passengers to sea enough of Costa Rica to want to return here for a full vacation plan.

For those interested in Jogging time on the water while already here, sailboats, catamarans or sea shuttles are available for excursions up and down the Pacific coast. Options can range from sunset cruises, to full day excursions, to multi-day live aboards, with an equally extensive array of destinations to choose from. Staying close to shore, one might opt for Manuel Antonio National Park or Ballena National Marine Park. Both sites are beautifully enticing, with classic tropical beaches and snorkeling in nearby reefs.

Cruising in Costa RicaOr why not try some island hopping? Isla Tortuga or Isla del Ca�o provides idyllic day and overnight trips, or the more adventurous might choose a 10-day live-aboard trip to Costa Rica's most famous island, Isla del Coco National Park. Whatever island paradise chosen the trip through the blue waters is bound to be as enjoyable as the destination itself, as it isn't uncommon to be accompanied by dolphins and whales on your journey.

Although cruising in Costa Rica's deep seas usually means the Pacific Ocean, there are also options for those looking more for reggae than calypso. Some agencies offer multi-day live aboard riverboat cruises up the inland waterways National Park, where in addition to the breathtaking array of biological diversity found there, they may also experience a little of the lively cultural difference that distinguishes the Caribbean coast from the rest of the Country. Whether you choose to view the sunset or the sunrise on the water, Costa Rica's cruises are bound to leave you with some of the most colorful memories of a lifetime.
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Corcovado National Park is the most important ecosystem of the pacific coast in Costa Rica.

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