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The freight logistics business will enhance a new feature into the Daniel Oduber, because it recently opened a bonded warehouse facility in the vicinity of the airport.

Humberto Alvarez GroupThe center was built in an area of 10 thousand square meters and 3,500 square meters of construction. Humberto Alvarez Group, who dedicated to provide logistics services, was the Costa Rican firm that made the investment of $ 2.5 million.

The potential of the area and the need for this kind of services are the main reasons for opening the warehouse. Likewise, there are several companies that export and import products and do not have a place to store them.
The new warehouse asides from consolidating Liberian cargo, something that did not exist before, will also provide significant cost savings associated with transportation, said Bernardo Ovares, director of the Group operations.
For example, some clients with projects in Guanacaste send the cargo to a warehouse owned by a company located in Belen of Heredia and subsequently transport it to the site. With the new warehouse the cargo can go from the port or plane to Liberia, Ovares added.

Daniel Oduber International Airport Costa Rica
Daniel Oduber International Airport
The company has not yet quantified the savings for the client as to the shipping costs; however, the idea is to market this strength and boost the freight terminal in Liberia.

The warehouse stores, named 'Pacific HA (Alpha)' obtained the required permits last December 15, for the operation and where backed by the General Directorate of Customs. Alpha will support itself on the `la anexion' customs office as the control center and facilitator in the process of international trade.

In Ovares judgement, the openness will generate a spiral of new businesses and encourage the shipment of cargo, something which was not done in large volumes due to the lack of appropriate infrastructure. Daniel Oduber currently offers the field for seven Boeing 737 type aircraft, which have a capacity for 150 passengers.
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