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Written by Patrick Cornwell   
Monday, 14 May 2012

The president of Brazil Dilma Rousseff is yet to defined soon whether to veto or not a change in the Forest Code, adopted in Congress, but which has received much criticism from environmentalists, saying that affect the Amazon rainforest. She is in our country to give a message to anyone in tourism business and to travel agents, as well.

In the past 20 years, Brazil achieved a breakthrough in the Brazilian environmental legislation, and it was thanks to these advances that the country succeeded, from 2004, on stopping Amazon deforestation over 80%.

Then it began to have a very strong pressure from more backward sides, to change the law, and that was approved by Members. It's a very bad law for the protection of forests and is now the responsibility of Dilma veto it or not.

Most people are always looking on where to travel, but they never worry about how thing could be better in a model that could improve.

In the second round of elections, in 2010, she took a public commitment and pledged to veto any project that involves depletion of forests. Now they have a law that, among other things.

An idea is that she should veto the law because it is very negative, and must direct a project that seeks to provide a more sustainable use of forests, which contribute to their protection and to give tools to increase agricultural production to make it more intensive and not expand the agricultural frontier.

The message she will give to Costa Rica is that the change of development model, in a predatory and unsustainable to a sustainable model, depends on our change in the way of how we relate to each other and with other forms of existence in nature.

"Sustainable development is a change in how we do things, not just a strategy to improve production, is a vision of our life, present and future". Costa rica tourism will depend on how the population change and improve their lifestyle pro-environment.

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