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Written by Patrick Cornwell   
Saturday, 30 June 2012

According to a poll made by Unimer, Costa Ricans are willing to pay more in order to save the planet and even more the best attractions in Costa Rica.

The poll has proven that from year 2010 to this year it has been a great change towards the people trying to buy environment friendly products.

On 2010 there was an 8% of the people willing to buy vegetables or fruits cultivated without pesticides or any other chemicals. Today, on 2012, it goes around 20% of the people willing to do this change.

As well, people making sure that the product’s material is a recycling material has come from 7% of the people on 2010 to 20% of the people today.

The change has started a while ago and every day there’s more people not only advocating for a more sustainable consumption but actually acting for it. The “ticos” are taking the time, a little bit longer than usual, at the supermarkets to read labels and make sure they are buying products that are organic, biodegradable and cultivated in the country. Also, that these products come without metallic or plastic wrappings.

Some of the reasons for this change are “people getting more conscious of the environmental protection and wanting to cause the minor impact” and “people wanting to change other people’s life such as their sons and daughters”.
Also, according to the poll, the people making this change are in its majority between 40 and 49 years old, with a high socioeconomic level, well educated and residing in the city.

One of them stated that he likes to purchase products that allow him and his family to do some refill at home to stop buying more plastic bottles. Another likes to look for sustainability labels regardless of the price.

Ticos are avoiding buying imported fruits, foreign cheeses, plastic products and anything that is not for recycling. With that said, is confirmed that these Costa Ricans take their own bags (not plastic) to carry their products.

This is definitely a big change that might take a little too much effort but eventually it will pay off the best way. Plus, it will make the Costa Rica culture to grow positively.Take a Costa Rica cheap travel to enjoy a more green country and be part of the change!

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