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Written by Milena Wilson   
Thursday, 07 June 2012

The CCH (C�mara Costarricense de Hoteles) presents the new edition of their official hotels newspaper. This is the edition #41 and it reports several important and impacting details about the Costa Rica attractions.

The CCH newspaper is not only the official newspaper, but the official mean of communication for the Hotel industry that offers information about hotels, tourism and gastronomy.

According to the CCH site, the publication is made by a multidisciplinary team of the highest level that guarantees a serious management and objective of all information displayed along with an excellent design and presentation.

Also, they are a source of information and reference to some hotel owners, general managers, marketing managers, supply managers, financial managers, executive chefs, food and beverages managers from affiliated and non-affiliated hotels and those professionals working for restaurants, hospitals, clinics and teachers at colleges with tourism careers.

The newspaper detailed about the increment on tourism in certain places with sightseeing in Costa Rica. Also, it reports facts on Costa Rica history about hotels and their improvements, their “awards”, their achievements and statistics towards tourism.

This new edition talks about the fight against the hotels demolitions on the south Caribbean side of the country; the way the Holiday Inn hotel, one of the best hotels in Costa Rica, is recognized with the “5 leaves of sustainability”; the 25th birthday of one of the first hotels In the country; the increment of tourism on Paquera due to a new hotel located there; and reports about a poll done regarding hotel occupation.�

As well, it talks about how a mountain destiny was more attractive than a beach destiny for this holly week; talks about the Expotour 2012; the way Central America has united to attract tourists; and CCH looking for more German tourists.

The official newspaper for the CCH has the information you need to update yourself on Costa Rica’s attractions, tours, statistics and mostly hotels where you can stay.

After you review it, you are more than ready to take any travel package to Costa Rica.

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