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Written by Milena Wilson   
Friday, 04 May 2012

A girl of only 10 years, Ana Laura S�nchez, is putting the name of Costa Rica really high, as she is one of the seven Costa Ricans who have participated since the beginning of April, in a contest that will allow 25 children from different countries take the stage with Lang Lang, the best pianist in the world.

Ana Laura Sanchez is not only a participant in this competition but placed as the favorite of Costa Ricans, who voted for her in the competition's website, which has become a dream for the whole family.

Vacation packages to costa rica usually don�t include concerts of performances to see artist like this little girl, but it could be a delight for the visitor to see her performed.

For nearly a month, several small Costa Rican pianists were voted on at the network. Ana Laura and 12 children performed on a video in which they valued their artistic qualities.

Based on the interpretation of a melody, voters chose the top 10. Ana Laura was ranked number one, and now she and 9 other children will be evaluated by a committee elected by the Costa Rican top five. Among those five, Lang Lang himself will choose the two best to interpret the piano next to him at a concert in Berlin, Germany, with 10 000 spectators.

If she ever plays in our country, the costa rica family tours should include a ticket to see her on stage.

Ana Laura Sanchez, who in her official Facebook already has more than 6 thousand fans, searched for several days votes of all people and managed to position with 2137 votes in the first place, ahead of all other participating countries that gained 516 total videos.

At 4 years, Ana Laura began playing the piano and now divides his time between school books and musical instruments. The costa rica government is yet to say a word about supporting this unique talent girl.

"One day I went to piano lessons, and the teacher told us there was an interesting contest was when I thought to participate. To be part of the competition had to prepare a specific piece there was touched, and I had to prepare in two days because he was only this time limit to get in, I had to work 21 hours over two days to prepare ", said Ana Laura.

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