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Photos by Luis Angel Espinoza

"Theater at Noon"

Tuesday March 3rd, 2009
�La Guitarra en el Tiempo� with Edin Solis.

Long time ago, we realized there is a big sector of Costa Ricans who never attended a spectacle in the National Theater. The reasons vary: lack of habit, lack of permanent stay, lack of night time, high prices, among others.

Edin Solis
Edin Solis
With the creation of a new space: �Theater at Noon�, the National Theater renews the commitment to promote arts for an ample public.

Every Tuesday there will be a quality performance of music, theater, ballet and short-term art scenic conversations; just the right time for lunch, one hour and it�s only 500 colones.

So, we invite you to add a new ingredient for your lunch.

Don�t miss it!

Coming presentations: March 3rd, Edin Sol�s, guitarist of the Editus trio. March 10th, will have the performance of young pianists from the Instituto Superior de las Artes (Superior Arts Institute). March 17th, a percussion show from the United States.

�Theater at Noon� is a cultural extension program from the National Theater, the Ministry of Culture and Credomatic.

The presentations, concerts and plays are presented only on Tuesdays at noon. To buy the tickets you must come to the theater personally from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm. For reservations you can call: 2221-5341 or in the web: Remember the theater capacity is 1,400 people and last Tuesday 600 went there.

No space in the national theater

The country had the best news last Tuesday, no vacancy on the National Theater with cultural performances at noon and with the presentation of the exceptional artist Raquel Ramirez, mezzo-soprano who struggles for art and her life. The public reaction shows that our society is needed of spaces like this, beyond bull fights.

National Theather Costa RicaThere�s no doubt, this success, for the organizers; will have a lack of dates to complete a more varied and accessible program for all the citizens.

In moments which a �violence culture� threatens our lives, this project of popular culture (fee: less than a dollar) seems to be an idea in the best direction.

Fulfilling, not just the National Theater and the Melico Salazar, but all the capital and province theaters with all the major permanent manifestations of our culture. Maybe, our society will have an antidote for those incurable correlated hours when the comments are:
Hey, how have you saved your car of being robbed, or a suffer abduction or a savage injured?
The shine of the International Arts Fair 2008 (FIA 2008) still gravitates. Streets, avenues, boulevards and parks make art convocation for the popular assistance.

The options should be multiplied. Make younger people, needed of formation and distraction, stuff the theaters. People from all the social classes will appreciate the rescue of these Costa Rican values.
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